Let’s explore together “who you are”

Your Unique Profile is your identity that will make you stand out amongst others. Top colleges everywhere get applicants who are the high school toppers from across the globe with high grades, perfect SAT/ACT scores, tonnes of extra-curriculur activities and community experiences. How will you stand out amongst all of those with similar scores and experiences?

Your profile will show your distinct identity and we shall help you build that. Your profile is the deciding factor for your admissions in universities abroad and liberal arts college in India.

FYC will bring that extra edge in you with a clear strategy and through various profile building activities. We will help you create your story of who you are. You are one of a kind but what makes you unique is our role to identify. We strongly recommend working on this strategy and start exploring your passion and “who you are” as early as grade 8th or 9th.

Broad steps in profile building.

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    Development of a Road Map to create an impressive story.

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    Incorporation of Marketing strategies. personal Brand promotion including online profile management.

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    Finding the “Right Fit” for internships and shadow training

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    Building the “You are Unique“ online- a document of the student’s journey.

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