Cope with the Empty chair and Table.... the Empty nest

  • 18-9-2018

Believe me, you can’t feel it until you face it
Finally, the day has arrived when your dreams have come true, You always have been longing for it You wanted your little one to be an independent individual, make it to the best fit…. And it exactly happened the way you planned. Then why this sadness, Why the empty shoe rack bothers, There is no wet towel on the bed any more There are no more empty chocolate boxes kept carefully in fridge Why do you want to peep again and again in his room…… he is off to achieve his dreams.

Time to put yourself first, unfortunately you forgot how do you come first.
How long will you hold or hide your tears?
When you know you decided this and time has come you fight with your fears
How can you forget it was your journey too, you saw every dream together
You were his/her partner for the dreams

You miss every single thing and you feel broken
But you can’t afford to be open.
You think what is your identity now?
What role and purpose do you have?
You never thought this is how you will feel
You are trying hard to do many meaningful things but nothing is healing your wounds.

Time to think. Does motherhood mean our kids only define us?
Don’t you think as a parent you have done your job so gracefully and beautifully that now you can watch the person you love the most can walk on his own.
Now he has the ability to discover who he is and where h/she belongs.
I know the spare bedroom gives you the pain but think about the wings you have given your child to fly.
How can you forget you wanted your child to handle life challenges on his own. Don’t forget it’s a moment of celebration to see your child’s competence.

It’s a joke if I say time will heal, but believe me when you will see the little one who struggled to paddle his/her bicycle travel alone around the world, He knows what choices to make He may guide you how you can discover yourself in fact tell you what’s your purpose in life That will make your wounds heal in no time.

Time has come, step into a new phase of life It’s never too late Follow your Dreams, your passion and set an example “You are amazing at Whatever roles you perform”

It is very hard to transit from motherhood to be an individual It’s not easy to replace your conversation from my son, my daughter to “I” But you do not have the choice, it is the last chance for you to Fly.
You will have all the answers to all your whys!!!
Either fly or cry!!
Choice is yours.

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