College: India v/s abroad

  • 23-5-2018

When I recently met my high school mentee, I asked him what made him choose abroad for higher studies. And as usual I was surprised again because he shared what I had not expected. He said because everyone in my family is going overseas for education and my parents also think this would be the best career choice for me.

I personally felt he is just not prepared. Parents are under stress because they have limited funds and like many others they also want to give the best to their kid not realising how their unprepared kid will deal with this big change. And with their limited funds they want to opt for the highly expensive option. I really wish they could have spent some time on researching equally good options in India, may be they would have thought of undergrad from India and Masters from abroad or could have looked at schools which offered decent scholarship. However, not much will change where child is also unprepared.

Little planning and reasonable research could have solved both, may be a campus tour on time/summer school would have prepared the child and timely planning on scholarship colleges and detailed understanding options of Indian colleges, would have made this journey less stressful for the applicants and parents.

What we recommend- whether India or overseas once you decide your child is ready, and you have resources to fund the most expensive education, create plan B for both the scenarios and plan well in advance.Don’t forget destination is just one aspect of your child education, make this journey exciting and enriching than stressful.

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